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        On March 30, 2018, tong Yanjie, a famous female painter, was invited by the Belarusian Embassy to create a giant landscape painting of Huangshan. The beautiful Landscape of Huangshan in the collection of the Belarusian Embassy was created by Tong Yanjie over a long period of time. The painting takes Huangshan as an image, which not only contains the extensive and profound cultural connotation of China, but also shows the harmonious beauty of humanity and nature. The gift of such works to the Belarusian Embassy is in fact a reflection of the spirit and soul of China, showing the demeanor of a great country.


        The novel Coronavirus that caught people off guard swept the world at the beginning of 2020. However, nothing could bewitch the Chinese people. The novel Coronavirus stopped work for nearly three months and brought the crisis under full control. Near April spring, the country released people’s travel restrictions, so Tong Yanjie can not wait to catch this spring in the last bus to the Great Wall sketching. But this time the Great Wall sketch to Tong Yanjie brought an unexpected happiness - to meet the Slovak ambassador Dushan Bela and his wife.


        The Slovak ambassador Duane Bela and his wife were not able to return home and stayed in China. The ambassador likes China’s historical sites, culture and art, especially painting and calligraphy. When the Ambassador was climbing the Great Wall, he was surprised to see a small lady with a paintbrush shivering in the spring breeze: what kind of perseverance sustained her to stand on the beacon tower of the Great Wall for hours of painting? In order to solve this problem, the Ambassador got to know this lady, and this lady is Tong Yanjie.


        When the Ambassador saw the works of Tong Yanjie, he was shocked by her paintings of the Great Wall stretching for thousands of miles with clouds and mist. Immediately, the Ambassador sent an invitation to Tong Yanjie to visit the Slovak Embassy and hold a personal exhibition. As soon as this news was released, reporters sent out olive branch to interview Tong yanjie to find out what exactly the charm of the painter was that the Slovak ambassador invited him to hold an exhibition at the embassy.


        When the reporter followed the embassy staff to visit her studio for many times and saw that she tore up a lot of useless paintings, my heart formed a feeling of admiration for this female painter. Would rather waste paper three thousand, also require a good painting, this part of excellence tenacity really convinced.


        After nearly a year of careful preparation, this grand exhibition of the Slovak Embassy was finally held in the last month of 2020. Celebrities from all walks of life were invited to the exhibition. When they saw Tong Yanjie’s landscape paintings, they not only spoke highly of them, but also showed the international demeanor of Chinese artists in maintaining the friendship between China and Sri Lanka, thus contributing to the country’s success.

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